Nundini Chef 's Table


Burrata Pugliese Con Pomodorini
$ 14.30

Burrata cheese served over confit tomatoes and endives with a drizzle of balsamic reduction.

Carpaccio Di Manzo
$ 14.30

Beef carpaccio over arugula topped with shaved parmesan and balsamic reduction.

Cozze Alla Livornese
$ 13.20

Fresh mussels sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes.

Formaggi Misti
$ 16.50

Fresh calamari and aged Italian cheese served with red onion confit and pizza flat bread.

Fritto Di Calamari, Gamberi e Verdure
$ 13.20

Fresh calamari, shrimp, zucchini and artichokes fried to perfection and served with spicy tomatoe sauce.

Insalata Di Polpo Olive Nere e Patate
$ 15.40

Octopus salad wilh black olives and boiled potatoes.

Salumi All Italiana
$ 15.40

Assortment of DOP Italian cold cuts smothered with garden vegetables

Bread Pudding
$ 7.70

Classic vanilla bread pudding served wlth a scoop of gelato vanilla.

Cannoli Alla Siciliana
$ 6.60

A pastry shell stuffed with ricotta cheese flavored with vanilla bean and chocolate shavings garnish.

Crema Catalana Al Marsala Stravecchio
$ 6.60

Catalana cream brulee flavored with aged marsala wine.

Panna Cotta al Caffe
$ 6.60

Coffee flavored custard cream, topped with chocolate sauce.

Semifreddo Allo Meringue
$ 7.70

Meringue semifreddo.

Sfogliatina Ai Frutti Di Bosco
$ 7.70

Puff pastry with wild berries and chantilly cream.

$ 6.60

Savoiradi, soaked in cofee and rum, layered in mascarpone cream.

Tre Delizie al Cioccolato
$ 7.70

3 different flavored chocolate mousse, black with rum, white with orange, and milk with pistachio.

Agnello Scottadito
$ 38.50

Grilled marinated lamb chops are called: scottadito (finger burning) because you wont wait for them to cool before you dig in. Served it with tasty garlic rosemary potatoes.

Bucatini AII Amatriciana con Polpette
$ 17.60

Bucatini all'amatriciana with meat balls in a traditional amatrice sauce with guanciale/onions crushed red pepper flakes and san marzano tomatoes.

Capesante Polvere Di Pomodori
$ 27.50

Pan seared jumbo sea scallops wrapped with pancetta, fresh sage, and served over creamy carnaroli rice, dusted with pulverized Sun dried tomatoes.

Gamberoni Adriatica
$ 23.10

Grilled jumbo shrimp (6 pcs) wrapped with san daniele prosciutto, served with grilled vegetables.

Girelle San Marino
$ 14.30

Girette pasta with roasted garlic, mushroom, artichokes, fresh tomatoes, and basil.

Maialino alle Mele
$ 22.00

Pork tenderloin sauteed in evoo with fresh apple and onion sauce, served with garlic rosemary potatoes and marsala wine cream sauce with spaghetti and vegetable of the day.

Pappardelle al Ragu di Cinghiale
$ 17.60

Home made fresh pappardelle noodle with wildboar sauce (a tradition of the maremma toscana.

Pesce in Crosta
$ 27.50

Red grouper filet coated with herb flavored bread crumbs, spicy colorful tasty pepper stew, and reduction of balsamic vinegar, served with garlic rosemary potatoes.

Risotto al Gorgonzola
$ 17.60

Carnaroli rice with gorgonzola, asparagus tips, and marsala wine.

Risotto al Nero di Seppia
$ 17.60

Carnaroli risotto in a cuttlefish ink sauce topped with jumbo crab meat.

Saltinbocca dello Chef
$ 25.30

Veal medallions, topped with parma prosciutto and melt provolone one cheese in a fresh broccoli fine sauce. Served with garlic rosemary potatoes.

Scaloppine di Vitello Oscar
$ 25.30

Sauteed veal scalloppine topped with crab meat and fontina cheese in a pinot grigio veal demi glace wine sauce, served with grilled vegetables.

Spaghetti Alio Scoglio
$ 24.20

Reef spaghetti (clams, mussels, calamari and shrimps) in a light, fresh marinara sauce. It is spicy, succulent, and comforting - down to the very last spaghetti needie

Terra Mare
$ 38.50

6 oz filet mignon sauteed in an amarone wine sauce, 4oz lobster tail gratin, with our winning F. F. truffle potatoes.

Vitello alla Milanese
$ 33.00

Breaded veal chop frenched and served with F. F. Truffle potatoes.

Grilled Mixed Vegetables
$ 5.50

$ 5.50

Sauteed Asparagus
$ 5.50

Sauteed Spinach
$ 5.50

Small House Salad
$ 5.50