Beck's Prime

Burgers, Fast Food

B.P. Burger
$ 9.90

Prime Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato

Bacon Cheeseburger
$ 12.10

Crisp Bacon, Cheese, Mustard, Pickle, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato

Bills Burger
$ 12.10

Sauteed Onions, Sliced Cheddar, Bacon, Jalapenos, Prime Sauce, Lettuce

Blue Cheeseburger
$ 11.55

Blue Cheese, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato

Bubba Burger
$ 11.00

Grated Cheddar Cheese, Prime Sauce, Onions, Tomato

California Burger
$ 12.10

Swiss Cheese, Guacamole, Lettuce, Tomato

$ 11.00

Cheese, Mustard, Pickle, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato

Chili Cheese Dog
$ 11.00

Chili, Cheddar Cheese, Onion

Chili Cheeseburger
$ 12.10

Homemade Chili, Cheddar Cheese, Onion

$ 9.90

Mustard, Pickle, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato

Hickory Cheeseburger
$ 11.00

Hickory Sauce, American Cheese

Kraut Dog
$ 8.80

Mustard & Sauerkraut

Old Fashioned Hot Dog
$ 8.25

Mustard, Pickle, Onion

Veggie Burger
$ 9.90

Mustard, Pickle, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato

$ 13.75+

Choice of Sliced Meats, Shredded Lettuce with Sautéed Onions, Diced Tomatoes Guacamole, Sour Cream, Jalapeños, Flour Tortillas

$ 12.65+

Grilled Chicken Breast, Sautéed Mushrooms, Sautéed Onions, Swiss Cheese, Hickory Sauce with Lettuce & Tomatoes

Fowl Ball
$ 12.65+

Grilled Chicken Breast, Long-Grain & Wild Rice with Side of Lettuce & Tomatoes

Julies Ahi Tuna & Vegies
$ 14.85

Seared Ahi Tuna & Seasonal Vegetables.

Luv Ya Blue
$ 1.10+

Grilled Chuck Patty or Chicken Breast, Aged Blue Cheese with Side of Lettuce, Tomatoes & Blue Cheese Dressing

Roberts Chicken & Veggies
$ 13.75

Grilled Chicken Breast & Seasonal Vegetables

The Kitchen Sink
$ 1.10+

Grilled Chuck Patty, Sautéed Onions, Bacon, Swiss Cheese with Side of Guacamole, Lettuce & Tomatoes

The Volcano
$ 1.10+

Grilled Chuck Patty, Grated Cheddar, Diced Tomatoes, Onions with Prime Sauce

Ahi Tuna
$ 12.10

Asian Spread, Feta, Cucumber, Red Onion, Tomato

Alpine Chicken
$ 13.20

Wheat Bun, Swiss Cheese, Sautéed Mushrooms, Sautéed Onions, Hickory Sauce

$ 8.80

Crisp Bacon, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato

California Chicken
$ 12.65

Wheat Bun, Swiss Cheese, Guacamole, Lettuce, Tomato

Grilled Chicken
$ 11.00

Wheat Bun, Swiss Cheese, Guacamole, Lettuce, Tomato

Hickory Prime Pork
$ 11.00

Hickory sauce, onion, pickles

Pork Banh Mi Sandwich
$ 11.00

Asian spread, Sriracha, red onion, fresh jalapenos, cucumbers, cilantro

Rib Eye Steak Sandwich
$ 13.20

Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato

Rodeo Chicken
$ 11.00

Egg Bun, Hickory Sauce, Onion, Pickle

Tenderloin Steak Sandwich
$ 15.40

Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato

Caesar Salad
$ 9.35

Crisp Romaine tossed in our own House Made Dressing

Garden Salad
$ 9.35

Our house garden salad topped with your favorite dressing

Kirby Salad
$ 10.45

Danish Blue Cheese, Spiced Pecans, Bacon, Cranberries, Tomatoes, Raspberry Vinaigrette

Mediterranean Salad
$ 10.45

Kalamata Olives, Capers, Feta Cheese, Cucumbers, Red Onion, Bell Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Romaine with Becks Prime Balsamic Vinaigrette

Queen of Hearts Salad
$ 10.45

Hearts of Palm, Artichoke Hearts, Bell Peppers, Green Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Egg, Romaine with Becks Prime Vinaigrette *Gluten Free

Black Beans
$ 3.00

Cole Slaw
$ 3.30

Fresh Cut Idaho Fries
$ 3.30+

Fresh Fruit
$ 3.30

Parmesan Crisps
$ 3.85

Basket of Eight

Side of Rice
$ 3.30

Long Grain & Premium Wild Rice

Side of Veggies
$ 6.05

Assorted In-season Mesquite Grilled

Sweet Potato Fries
$ 4.40+

Wood Fired Queso
$ 5.50

Tostadas and Fresh Picante

Baked Potato
$ 6.20

Butter, Sour Cream, Cheddar, Bacon, Chives *Gluten Free

Bowl of Chili
$ 7.15

Topped with Cheddar Cheese, Onions *Gluten free

Chicken Stuffed Potato
$ 10.45

Fully Loaded Baked Potato with Chicken