Balsamic Eggs
$ 8.75

Two poached eggs , a baked parmesan tomato and grilled asparagus topped with a balsamic glaze. served with wheat or white toast

Breakfast Taco
$ 3.60

Egg Plus 2 items from the mix-in list served with ranchero salsa

Crispy Chicken + Waffles
$ 12.05

Housemad Breaded Chicken Tenders Served with Waffles and Maple syrup

Daily scramble
$ 8.75

Three Eggs Scrambled with Hash Brown or Black Beans

Egg Croissant sandwich
$ 8.75

Crossant With Heirloom Tomatoes Field Greens,Feta Crumbles and egg.

French Toast
$ 8.75

Double thick house bread with powdered sugar , maple syrup and Berries

Huevos Rancheros
$ 8.75

Crispy Tostada with Housemade Spicy Ranchero Sauce. served with Refried Beans + Hash Brown

$ 9.10

Three eggs with any three items from the mix-list served with hash brown or black beans

Pancakes (3 stack)
$ 7.65

Buttermilk, Whole Wheat Bananna, or Skinny Multigrain. stack of three

Salty + Sweet Granola parfait OK
$ 5.80

Greek Yogurt Parfait, Topped with House Made Salty Sweet Granola and Fresh mixed Berries Chilled overnight.

Single Pancake
$ 3.60

buttermilk whole wheat banana or skinny multi grain

Steell Cut Oats+ Fruit Compote
$ 7.15

Oats with Stewed Fresh Fruit, Brown Sugar and Almonds

Two Eggs Any Stiyle OK
$ 7.65

Hash Brown or Black Beans & White or Wheat Bread

Waffler House Bacon Batter or Belgian
$ 6.55+

House Bacon Batter or Belgian served with berries + powdered sugar. Bacon or Belgain.